Experienced, creative and passionate. 

The Somewhere team consists of Alex Dalglish and Olivia Turner. We treat every project as a journey of design that continues to thrill and entice us to go further, try harder, experiment, be innovative, have fun and exceed expectation.


Alex Dalglish


Alex Dalglish is the principal landscape architect and founder of Somewhere, based 'somewhere' near Young in the Central West of NSW. She is the official dreamer of the group and the 'old fashioned one' that still scratches away with pen, pencil, charcoal and everything in between. She has a reputation as a great designer and listener as the process of design for her is visceral. Alex is dedicated to the idea of memory in the landscape' both in creating them and revealing and integrating existing ones.

Olivia Turner

Olivia Photo.jpg

Olivia Turner is a landscape designer who joined Somewhere eight years ago and has also been integral in growing our business. She is based in Forbes and handles all of our work in the central west. Olivia is the organised member of the team and a great communicator of ideas both verbally and visually. Her experience in local government has been invaluable for Somewhere being involved in larger scale community projects. Olivia is dedicated to the communities she serves and provides great results for every site she works on.