CSU Early Learning & Nurture Centre, Thurgoona

Client: CSU
Designed: 2010 - Constructed: 2012
Photographer: Jane Worner

A spaces that allows children to be children.  The design includes flexible play areas which provide space for groups of children as well as for the individual child.   Removable fences and gates allow for the nursery and toddler, the toddler and preschool and the preschool and the woodstock centre to come together for special events or shared experiences.  

Within the sites are open areas for running, jumping and rolling as well as being used for removable rubber mats and trestle equipment.  Paths of various materials and texture are 1:20 gradient to allow for all children to access all places within the site and to explore a destination or to perambulate.   Sandpits are centrally located which feature low timber decks to form part of the play experience as well as integral water play for discovery, experiments and mess.   Raised vegetable gardens provide a place for children to experiment with growing plants whilst intimate, hidden spaces include rocks for climbing, dry creek beds to follow or navigate and outdoor musical instruments to stimulate the musical mind.